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Personal Image – How Big of a Role Does It Play in Business?

Posted in Leadership on January 22nd, 2011 by Jim Suthers – Be the first to comment

When you see the CEO walking down the hall toward you, what is the first thought that goes through your mind? Is it her reputation? Is it the clothes he is wearing? Is it the expression on his face?

He is now near you. What, if anything, do you say? Good morning? Or just nod and look away?

Doesn’t your reaction depend upon the mental “Image” you have of the individual? Sure it does.

If it’s a “Class Act” image, you smile and really mean it when you say good morning.

More on Building a Power Base

Posted in Leadership on January 16th, 2011 by Jim Suthers – 18 Comments


Here is another place to find out what is happening in your organization. It is also another place to help build your power base.

Have you ever sat in a meeting thinking that the person you are listening to is an idiot? Sure. All of us have. You sat there thinking how it would be nice to tell her to go find a life somewhere or get on a broom and ride? You bet!

Be careful. Remember, what goes around, comes around. How you handle yourself in meetings can have a real impact on your career. If you are contributing to the process in a constructive way, your image will also be affected in a positive way.