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Posted in Leadership on April 26th, 2011 by Jim Suthers – Be the first to comment

Conflicts among team members are going to happen. They’re also going to be tough to solve. As an HR professional, you will be called upon to either give advice on how to resolve a dispute between two employees or you will be asked to take a direct hand in resolving a dispute among several employees.

The tough part is coming out of the situation as an impartial leader and not one who appears to side with one or the other of the parties.

Talking Styles in the Workplace

Posted in Leadership on April 2nd, 2011 by Jim Suthers – Be the first to comment

You will hear various types of talk in the workplace. The following styles were detailed by Sherod Miller, Daniel Wackman, Elam Nunnally and Phyllis Miller in their book, Connecting With Self and Others. I have added some additional comments in places.

Learning to recognize the various types of talk will help you determine the motivation behind the talk. Some types are necessary and when properly used can be positive. Others are harmful. As a supervisor, you absolutely do not want to use some of the types of talk discussed here, nor do you want them to be commonly used by your team. Let’s discuss them and learn why some styles can be dangerous.