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Hey Boss, Listen UP

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What do you do about “malicious compliance” from one or more of your subordinates?

First you have to understand what malicious compliance is. That is when one or more of your team is withholding the 100% effort needed to get the job done. They will do just what you tell them to do, sort of, but they won’t give you any more than that. There will be no new ideas. There will be no extra hours worked when you need them most. There will be the silence and the sullen looks, and conversations stop when you walk by.

Colin Powell Article and Being A Class Act

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I’m going to change pace today. I want to refer you to an article I saw by retired General Colin Powell in a supplement to my Sunday paper on May 20, 2012.

General Powell’s article is titled, ‘Kindness Works’. It’s a great article. It’s adopted from his new book, ‘It Worked For Me’, published by Harper Collins.

I quoted General Powell several times in my book ‘Surviving & Thriving in the HR World’ when I gave examples of those who I saw as having a leader image. I did so because he was a leader and he always knew he was on display wherever he went. He knew he had an image that was being watched. He knew the people he led expected him to act like a leader.


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Some HR professionals and other leaders can’t resist the temptation to use the power they have in destructive ways. At times, the power, real or perceived, goes straight to their head.

Now let’s look at some of the kind you do want to be like.

Human being Always greets everyone with at least a smile and a nod as he walks by.
Small talk Can make small talk with either the custodian or the company president.
Turf Turf has little meaning to him. Will cross any line to resolve a problem.
Walks the talk She knows that one of the strongest tools she has is the positive image she presents to the world.
Integrity Don’t even think about asking her to do something unethical.


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There are two distinct types of leaders and managers. As mentioned in the chapter on Motivation, you have to talk about Jack Welch, ex-CEO of General Electric.

There is no doubt in the minds of people who have met him, studied his management methods or worked with him over the two decades of his tenure; Jack Welch was a leader.

In contrast, Harold Geneen, the ex-CEO of the old ITT, was a manager. He kept detailed notebooks on each of the operations he controlled. He managed his divisions by knowing the details.


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Let’s spend some time on leadership styles.

There are all kinds. What’s your style? Are you going to be your own person? Are you going to copy someone else’s style? Hopefully, you will be yourself and develop your own style.

For one thing, becoming a leader and then radically changing your style is not the way to go. For example, don’t go from being a hard working team member who works well with people to one who demands everything be done yesterday. It’s not the real you and your team will resent the change. And you will end up with more stress problems than you can possibly believe by trying to maintain a persona that doesn’t fit.