Open Door Policy & the Grapevine

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Open Door Policy

An open door policy is a fascinating policy. Most organizations claim to have such a policy. But don’t you dare use it! Your head will be handed to you if you do.

Do you have an open door policy for your team? Of course, but is it just words or do you mean it? Your open door policy says that you want your team to bring their problems, concerns and opinions to you. You want them to know that you are approachable and willing to listen. Right?

Supervisor Skills Training Program

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It’s been some time since I have added to this blog. My apologies! I have been working on my next supervisor training program. Like all of you trainers know, creating a training program from scratch is one heck of a lot of work.

I designed this program for a friend of mine, the leader of a mining company in Nevada. He has a large number of lead people, first line supervisors and superintendents among his four hundred employees, many of whom needed more information on how to manage those diverse people on their crews.

Organization Policies & Politics

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Organizational policies don’t have to make sense or be fair.

“Suthers, who said this was a democracy?” Bill Cooper, President of Asamera Minerals, made this comment when I thought a particular decision was not fair.

His words made sense to me and I had to admit that he was right and I told him so. The typical organization is not a democracy and the people in that organization have a job to do, even if they disagree with the decisions being made. At times that job is going to be hard on personal feelings and beliefs. But that’s the way it is.


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Records are a necessity in every organization. We all need them to do our job. Remember when something you said or did came back to haunt you later? Well, the records you generate in your organization can come back to haunt you too.

One department manager in a Washington state organization proposed a plan for a number of other department managers to leave the company and start their own business. He was secretive about it because the business venture he was proposing would be in direct competition with their present company. The planning went well for awhile. It came apart when he saved his plan on a disk and then accidentally used the same disk to send another file to corporate headquarters.


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Conflicts among team members are going to happen. They’re also going to be tough to solve. As an HR professional, you will be called upon to either give advice on how to resolve a dispute between two employees or you will be asked to take a direct hand in resolving a dispute among several employees.

The tough part is coming out of the situation as an impartial leader and not one who appears to side with one or the other of the parties.